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Canada is one of the most popular choices for immigration aspirants, being an industrialized nation with endless opportunities. Canada is the second largest country in the world based on total area, and the fourth largest country in terms of land area. It is a developed country with the 10th highest nominal per capital income worldwide, while it holds the 9th position in the roster of countries with the highest Human Development Index. It also ranks high in terms of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. Canada offers the best combination of urban efficiency with a laid back rural lifestyle. It is a country where you can get both professional growth as well as work –life balance and ensure quality healthcare and education for all in your family.

With a significant need for professionals and skilled labourers, the Canadian government has allowed immigration to Canada to fill in the vacancies in sectors where local residents are unable or unwilling to meet the demand. In the current times, it can easily be said that Canada is one of the top options for professionals who are interested in migrating to countries with top-tier living standards.

Immigration to Canada can provide you with the following benefits. Our Canada immigration consultant can help you realize your dream of migrating to Canada in the smoothest possible way. As such it becomes imperative to turn to a reliable immigration consultant such as Fly World. Find out how to start the process to become a PR or citizen of the maple leaf country.

What actually Permanent Resident Is ?

A permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries. A person in Canada temporarily, like a student or foreign worker, is not a permanent resident. Permanent residency in Canada is a status granting someone who is not a Canadian citizen the right to live and work in Canada without any time limit on their stay. To become a permanent resident a foreign national must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), formerly known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada, under one of several programs. A primary benefit of permanent residency is the eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship after a certain period of permanent residency.

Basic Features of this PR :

  • Canada PR Federal Skilled Worker visa allows you to work in Canada without the need to be sponsored by an employer, a Canadian work permit or a job offer
  • Successful applicants are free to work without any constraints/restrictions, unlike a work permit
  • After three years stay in the country, the applicant can apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Once you get your Canadian Passport & Citizenship, you can travel to many countries in the world without a visa
  • You can sponsor your immediate family & relatives to join you in Canada
  • Canadian permanent residences includes access to government subsidized education and healthcare (Medicare)
  • Unrestricted access to Canada’s labour market and associated insurance and pension benefits
  • The PR visa is now granted in 6-12 months instead of the previous 3+years
  • If the application is returned, the fee is refunded by the High Commission.

How to be a Permanent Resident or PR for Canada ?

Canada PR Federal skilled worker visa is designed for professionals with the qualifications, skills or experiences to fill Canada’s skill shortages and contribute to the Canadian economy.

Applicants for this visa must demonstrate that they meet the minimum visa requirement which includes having work experience; one year of which should be in a designated occupation, a job offer from a Canadian employer, or be a foreign worker or student currently living in Canada.

Additionally, applicants are required to meet the points based assessment. The Canada Immigration or Canada PR Skilled Worker Visa point’s selection system requires a pass mark of 67 out of 100 points and is assessed on six main factors including age, education, work experience, language ability, adaptability and arranged employment in Canada.

Successful applicants are granted a permanent residence visa and are entitled to live and work in Canada without any restrictions.


What Are The Requirements For The Federal Skill Works?

To be qualified as a skilled worker you must:

  • Have at least one year full time job equivalent to up to 30 hours per week
  • Have a Bachelor or Diploma level education qualifying Canada equivalency criteria
  • Have proficient level English language in IELTS or CELPIP.
  • Have your occupation listed under the National Classification Code(NOC) occupation list of Canada

Why Help & Guidance of a Consultant is Essential to Immigrate to Canada?

With constantly changing immigration laws and legislative framework, you need to submit legal paperwork and follow guidelines and procedures in accordance with the immigration service of Canada. An immigration consultant performs these tasks day in and day out and they know what it takes to get the application right the very first time. We live in a global age where we are no longer shackled by physical borders. Businesses, education and even families have the potential to go beyond international boundaries. However, it becomes extremely important to know the nitty-gritties of immigration laws and policies. This makes the role of an immigration consultant extremely important. It is essential to ensure that all application processes and documentation for immigration and citizenship are handled with utmost care.

We employ a dedicated team of immigration experts who are dedicated to your immigration requirements and ensure a smooth transition into your destination country.  Whether it is Canada, Australia, UK or any other country, our immigration experts at one of our offices, will guide you throughout the overseas immigration process. The knowledge base of our overseas immigration experts is vast and ever expanding. With a smooth workflow, our immigration consultants maintain the strictest of standards in dealing with our clients, consulates and immigration regulatory bodies. 

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What is Express Entry System? How does it work?

The new Express Entry System was launched in the month of January, 2015, to manage as to how the skilled immigrants shall apply in order to immigrate to Canada. As per this system an applicant first fills the online profile form, including the language test scores, Educational Credential Assessment, and the work experience, etc. factors.  Filling and submitting the Express Entry Profile is absolutely free of cost. The complete applications received under the Express Entry system shall be processed within six months or less.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly known as CIC) aims to process applications within six months from the date of submission, hence the name Express Entry.

A potential candidate who has been found to have provided false information going into the Express Entry pool can be banned from re-entering the pool for five years. Therefore, it is hugely important to provide accurate and correct information always.

Pathways to Migrate Canada : 

  • Federal Skilled Worker –Is focused on attracting qualified personnel with skills
    according to NOC 0, A, or B streams from outside Canada.
  • Federal Skilled Trades  –Is a program for job professionals who have received job offers from Canadian companies under trade worker i.e – Truck drivers , Plumbers , butchers etc.,
  • Canadian Experience Class –Designed for foreign workers and graduates of Canadian educational institutions with qualifications and at least one year experience in Canada.
  • Provincial Program: Allows the various provinces of Canada to select immigrants as per their economy and labor market independently based on the occupation in demand category.
  • Business Immigration – Will be of interest to investors, private entrepreneurs, as well as owners of enterprises with business experience and significant net worth.
  • Family sponsorship – Designed for individuals who can be sponsored by close relatives to obtain permanent residence in Canada.
  • Caregiver – is a program for immigrants who have experience working in Canada to care for the elderly and children.
  • Refugee – The program grants refugee status to candidates whose request has been approved by the Immigration and Refugee Board.
  • Humanitarian program – designed for applicants with exceptional cases who, due to specific difficulties, cannot immigrate to Canada for another of the existing programs.

Having permanent residence status in Canada, Permanent Residents are granted almost the same privileges as citizens of the country. This is an essential factor and advantage for newly arrived families.

What is the Express Entry pool?

Potential candidates who create an Express Entry profile and are eligible for one of Canada’s economic immigration programs enter the Express Entry pool. These programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, the Canadian Experience Class, and a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs. The federal government and provincial governments, as well as Canadian employers, are able to select candidates from this pool based on the CRS or demand in the labour markets. Candidates who are selected then receive an ‘Invitation to Apply’ (ITA) for immigration to Canada under one of the programs to lodge the visa application.

Express Entry Eligibility Requirements :

  • IELTS score card with meeting the scores with minimum CLB level 7.
  • Overseas applicants need to show their Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report equivalent to the Canadian education.
  • Need to meet the minimum 67 points eligibility criteria based on the human capital factors (i.e. age, education, language proficiency, etc.)
  • Provide the health and character certifications once ITA (invitation to apply) for PR visa is issued.

What is the Comprehensive Ranking System?

The Comprehensive Ranking System is the government of Canada’s internal mechanism for ranking candidates bases on their human capital, determined by factors such as age, level of education and language ability. This helps to enable Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to decide which candidates may be issued invitations to apply (ITA) for permanent residence. There are up to 600 points available under the system for a candidate core human capital and skills transferability factors. An additional 600 points will be given to anyone with a provincial nomination (i.e. having received a nomination from province) in a skilled occupation.

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