Visitor & Tourist Visa

Visitor Visa & Tourist Visa

Australia is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world. Your social media pictures of you living your best life on the sunny beaches of Australia would spark envy of many. With its safe tourist spots, easy going lifestyle, tourist friendly laws and travel and accommodation options to suit all budgets, Australia attracts the high rollers and the backpackers alike. Whether you want to Backpack through the coast, rent a camper van and road trip around the country or shop till you drop at the many luxury boutique stores, or try your luck at the casinos, the land down under has it all! With its rich culinary hotspots in Melbourne, sunny sandy beaches of Queensland or the arid beautiful emptiness of its deserts, Australia packs a punch to deliver you the best of everything. Thinking of hopping on a flight to the lucky country? Get in touch with us now to see what best deal we can offer you in addition to processing your Visitor / Tourist Visa.

Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa Australia allows you to visit Australia for tourism activities on a temporary basis. This might include holiday packages, sightseeing or visiting family or friends. It can also be for business activities like conferences or negotiation and the like. However, you cannot extend the activities to services delivery, selling goods etc. In that case, you can apply for a Temporary Work Visa. A Visitor Visa also allows you to do informal study or training sessions which are less than three months. To know more about what activities you may engage in the Visitor Visa, please get in touch with a Flyworld executive.

This visa is applicable to Parents of Australian Permanent Residents. This has three to five years validity on the basis of application and one can stay up to 12 months on every entry to Australia. Apart from these, Australia is considered one of the most happening tourist places in the world and people can apply for a Tourist Visa to explore the urban lifestyle, traditional skylines, long coastline and amazing landscapes. You might also spot a few Koalas or Kangaroos going about.

To know more about tourist visa & visitor visa Australia, reach out to our FLYWORD’s Australian migration consultant team

Visitor Visa Australia

While citizens of the 45 eVisitor or ETA-eligible countries can complete the online Australia visa application for short tourism or business stays, all other passport holders can apply for a visitor visa Australia for the same purposes, as well as for longer stays. The visitor visa Australia has replaced the now-defunct tourist visa Australia and can be applied online through the Australia Immigration Department by all citizens except those from Somalia, who must apply in person.

Visitor Visa for Tourism: This classification of visitor visa Australia is the equivalent of the ETA or eVisitor for citizens not eligible for those visa types, and allows a stay in Australia for a holiday, as part of a cruise, or to visit family or friends. This visa option is great to plan a quick getaway to the land down under.

Visitor Visa for Families: Travelers who can be sponsored by an eligible family member who is an Australian citizen or permanent residents can apply for the sponsored family visitor visa for Australia.

Visitor Visa for Business: The business subtype of the Australia visitor visa allows travelers not eligible for ETA or eVisitor a short stay in Australia for professional reasons but not to work or sell goods. This visa is applicable to attend a trade fair, seminar or conference, as long as the applicant has not been paid.


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